Marriage and Motherhood

Mine was an arranged marriage! I always wanted that. My spiritual teacher ‘Swami Rama’ arranged my marriage to Ralph Sharma who lived in the USA. We both are Swami Rama’s disciples. I came to the USA for a visit and I was introduced to my husband and we were married within a couple of weeks on February 14, 1996.

Swami Rama spoke very highly of my husband, that he is spiritual, soft spoken, generous, faithful and that he would take good care of me. He also said Ralph is the only one for me! I trusted my guru. Ralph turned out to be all that Swamiji said and more! He loves me, respects me and takes excellent care of me. And I worship him! We both are leading a spiritual, peaceful, happy and a content life. We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this year.

We have three children Tiffany (16 yrs), Pricilla (11 yrs), and Evelyn (9 yrs). My in-laws Marlene and Kanwar Sharma and my husband Ralph own a pharmaceutical company and we all work together. What a change! From movie star to a full time mother and business woman.

Motherhood is the most rewarding experience I had till date! God blessed my husband Ralph and me with three beautiful angels! They bring so much meaning and joy to our lives. There is never a dull moment with them around!

It is fascinating to see my three daughters growing up to be kind, considerate, caring, giving, gentle, simple and genuine people! Our oldest daughter Tiffany looks like me but, is a shy, kind, obedient and a gentle soul like her father. Priscilla, our second daughter resembles my husband Ralph, but her personality is totally me! She is fearless, spontaneous, impulsive, mischievous and a happy-go-lucky person. Our youngest daughter Evelyn looks like both Ralph and I, and loves to mother everyone! She is seven going on seventy! She is quick witted, giving, mature, wise and absolutely adorable!