Maadhavi - Fanmail

> Respected Smt. Madhavi garu,
> Namasthe.
> Greetings.
> This is XXX from Hyderabad.
> Recently, I have seen your Movie MAATRUDEVATHA, on online, after the
> sad and untimely demise of Shri Veturi Sundara Rama Murthy garu, the
> famous lyricist.
> How do I express your amazing acting? There are no words in my vocabulary!
> it is simply exemplary, splendid, devoted & dedicated
> character, that will go down in history as one of your best movies!
> It will be remembered by your fans till the end of their lives.
> May God Bless You - You are great.
> Regards,
> Sincerely
> Vinod